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Firefighters Find Injured Dad Still On The Ground, Then Climb Onto House Roof To String Lights

This time of year is supposed to bring holiday cheer: mothers rush to buy gifts for their kids, while infants take in all the sights, sounds, and smells. It’s a happy time of year!

One of the biggest traditions for many families is making their homes festive. It’s not just setting up the Christmas tree, but stringing illuminates around the house.

This can be a dangerous endeavor, as it requires climbing up a ladder and balancing oneself on the roof. Any wrong move can cause one to trip and fall, and maybe get injured.

This is what happened to dad Erik Gaines. He took a very bad tumble and ended up with a severely broken leg. Paramedics and firefighters arrived to find him on the ground, in intense ache and rushed him to the hospital for treatment.

Needless to say, his family, especially his kids, were quite upset. They supposed Christmas was ruined, and his kids even said that they didn’t want the illuminates to be hung anymore.

This broke the hearts of the firefighters of Central Pierce County, and the men decided that they needed to help the Gaines family find their cheer once again.

The humen got to work: they climbed onto the house’s roof and strung the illuminates themselves!

The family, especially dad Erik, is thankful for the firefighters’ help — not just for coming to his rescue, but for building the vacation season that much more special!

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