Dog Stands Guard For Entire Week Until Friend Is Found

Dog Stands Guard For Entire Week Until Friend Is Found

Recently, an animal rescue organization heard about a pair of dogs who went missing on Vashon Island, a rural island west of Seattle. Tillie, a setter mix and Phoebe, a basset hound, had escaped their home together and ended up lost in the Washington woods — but it’s how they were found that’s taking the internet by storm.

The case unraveled whena kindhearted Samaritan called the rescue, saying a “reddish” dog had come up to their property severaltimes before quickly sprinting back into a deep ravine. When rescuers finally located the dogs, they learned the truth — that Tillie had stayed with Phoebe for a week, standing guard over Phoebe, who was helplessly trapped in a concrete cistern.

Each day, Tillie would seek help by running onto a stranger’s property — the same man who called the rescue organization for assistance. Keep reading below to find out what happened next…

Two dogs, Tillie and Phoebe, went missing in Washington state. When rescuers finally found them, they learned the stunning truth.


For nearly a week, Tillie stood guard over Phoebe while she was trapped inside a concrete cistern. The only times she’d leave Phoebe was to go seek help, barking on a stranger’s property. The stranger knew something wasn’t right, and called a local animal rescue.


Phoebe, a Basset Hound and Tillie, a retriever-setter mix, live with their dad, BJ, on Vashon Island. It’s about the same size as the island of Manhattan. BJ says his canine duo loves seeking adventure, and where Phoebe goes, Tillie follows.


As it turns out, BJ’s lost pups had wandered very far from home, miles and miles across Vashon Island. Their home is the gold star on the left of the map; found is the farthest red paw on the right.


Vashon Island Pet Protectors received a call saying that a “reddish” dog had come up to their property several times before quickly running back into a ravine. They knew it’d be nearly impossible to find the two dogs, but after searching the ravine for a while, the rescuers finally heard Tillie barking for help. And there she was, standing over Phoebe. The basset hound was weak and emotionally broken, her head resting on the concrete wall.


The second Tillie saw her saviors, she knew the nightmare was over. Both of the dogs are now safe and sound at home, happy and unscathed. Tillie, who remained by Phoebe’s side the entire week, standing over her and making sure she stayed alive, proves that love is selfless.


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