Mia and Sita Very Grateful Rescued Elephants

Mia's first mud bath at new home

Animal Rescue

 Mia and Sita were recently rescued from their lives as circus performers in Tamil Nadu, India. They traveled over 2100 kms to the Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Mathura.
This is Sita waving excitedly on the trek to her new home
sita_rescue elephant waving
Sita rescue elephant waving

Both Mia and Sita have foot problems from being chained up all day. “Mia and Sita have very painful feet,” said Wildlife SOS. “For Sita, her situation is exacerbated by the fact that she has a poorly healed fracture in her front leg that has limited her movement… thus preventing her the ability to lie down and rest.”

Mia and Sita had lived their lives in chains
Mia and Sita had lived their lives in chains

Shortly after her arrival at the rescue center, Mia lay down for a deep sleep. Elephants need to lie down and sleep every day. It was obvious she hadn’t done this for a very long time.

Mia in Deep Sleep
Mia in Deep Sleep

It didn’t take them long before they got to exploring together.

Mia and Sita exploring their new home together.
Mia and Sita exploring

Mia joyfully giving herself a mud bath

Mia's first mud bath at new home
Mia’s first mud bath at new home

The rescuers believe this was Sita’s first dip in a pool. Ever. She is over 50 years old.

Sita's first dip
Sita’s first dip

It’s so heartwarming to hear they are both making a great recovery. They deserve the best after living so long in chains. Their care team is amazed at how enthusiastic the elephants are. They play in the mud and romp around. It appears they’ve never known just how great it feels to be free.

Kudos to Wildlife SOS and the Elephant Conservation and Care Center‬ for their incredible work.

In connecting with Mia and Sita they said swimming and slinging mud around were some of the best times they’ve had in their lives.

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Angel’s Amazing Recovery All-Star Dog Rescue Happy Thanksgiving

Angel rescued. Watch on Fox's All Star Rescue Thanksgiving 8pm

This is such a heartwarming story of the love and care shown by people who rescue dogs. It’s also a testament to the unconditional love our pets give us. Every day. Without exception.

Angel was abused and starved to the point her organs began shutting down. A good samaritan called Rescue from the Hart in the nick of time. It was touch and go at the beginning.

She was literally skin and bone. She couldn’t stand on her own. Rescue from the Hart made a promise to Angel that they wouldn’t give up on her. Volunteers came to show her that people can be good and loving and kind.

She began eating very small portions until her body started to heal. With all of the loving attention and her health improving, Angel’s spirit came alive.

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Watch the video until the end and you will see a completely different dog. It took a  year, but what an amazing transformation.

Angel will also be featured on Fox’s “All-Star Dog Rescue” on Thanksgiving November 26, 8pm Eastern.

Thank goodness for Rescue. And remember, Adopt. Don’t Shop. You will be amazed at the blessings it brings.

Sweet Koko Adopts 2 Kittens

Koko was presented with a wonderful present on her 44th birthday. She met an entire box full of kittens! Koko is famous for her indomitable maternal instincts and extreme love of kittens. She fell in love with two of the tiny felines and she has adopted them.

Be sure to watch the video to the end. Koko signs to her trainer that she wishes the grey kitten “Ms Grey” to be placed on her body.

It astounds me every day the love animals show.

According to the YouTube channel kokoflix, “Not only have Koko’s maternal and play instincts kicked in, but she is signing more to her caregivers and generating new content everyday that can be used by The Gorilla Foundation to create empathy for great apes. This can have significant benefits to both endangered free-living great apes and those in captive environments, by encouraging the development of 2-way communication with their caregivers (which Koko has had since she was a baby).”

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