Angel rescued. Watch on Fox's All Star Rescue Thanksgiving 8pm

Angel’s Amazing Recovery All-Star Dog Rescue Happy Thanksgiving

This is such a heartwarming story of the love and care shown by people who rescue dogs. It’s also a testament to the unconditional love our pets give us. Every day. Without exception.

Angel was abused and starved to the point her organs began shutting down. A good samaritan called Rescue from the Hart in the nick of time. It was touch and go at the beginning.

She was literally skin and bone. She couldn’t stand on her own. Rescue from the Hart made a promise to Angel that they wouldn’t give up on her. Volunteers came to show her that people can be good and loving and kind.

She began eating very small portions until her body started to heal. With all of the loving attention and her health improving, Angel’s spirit came alive.

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Watch the video until the end and you will see a completely different dog. It took a  year, but what an amazing transformation.

Angel will also be featured on Fox’s “All-Star Dog Rescue” on Thanksgiving November 26, 8pm Eastern.

Thank goodness for Rescue. And remember, Adopt. Don’t Shop. You will be amazed at the blessings it brings.

12 thoughts on “Angel’s Amazing Recovery All-Star Dog Rescue Happy Thanksgiving

  1. I find it difficult to understand how this can happen – we can be the most cruel of species. We and the animals, are blessed that there are people who devote their lives to help bring  these poor, sad creatures back to a decent existence.

  2. barsyb It is difficult to think about. That’s one (of many) lessons rescue dogs have taught me. They don’t hold grudges like humans do. And that’s why they can make such magical recoveries!

  3. I’m so glad Angel has made a recovery. Your statement, ‘adopt, don’t shop’ is absolutely correct, it’s a commitment and a relationship you embark on, not a shopping purchase. Great post Jackie, thanks!

  4. No doubt we shall soon see adverts telling us that a pet is for life not just for Christmas. I helped out for a short while in a animal rescue centre. It was one of the most heart breaking places to work, had to leave as it was just to upsetting. I wanted to go find the owners and hurt them 🙁

  5. PaulConway I completely understand those feelings. I’ve been there too. I finally realized I had to let go of the old stories and make new ones. It’s all about creating a “new story” and the future. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Wow! I was genuinely moved to tears by that.  Even when she was all skin and bones she had such a beautiful face.  What a fantastic turnaround. How can people be so cruel? Alot of people seem to want a “designer pet” these days, but there are so many lovely animals needing a new home.  Definitely Adopt Don’t Shop.

  7. ChrissyWithers Thanks Chrissy! Even a lot of puppy mill rescues are  “designer brands”. The mills produce what the people want. Hopefully there will come a time when we will no longer need rescue.

  8. I had some tenants who treated their dogs like this. When we reported them, they weren’t too happy with us. We didn’t care how they felt. We had to help where we could. On that note, all of our pets have been rescues… Okay, not the fish. But, the cats and dog were.

  9. BrianGibbs That is so awesome! When enough of us step up, hopefully the rest will begin to realize what a mistake it is to abuse animals. (Haha, same with me and the rescues. My fish are from the pet store. Although I would bet that I have a closer relationship with Ted & Pete than anyone before me.)

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